Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Democracy

Course Lectures

Here is a listing of the PowerPoint presentations that I will make available for the class. These may or may not be the same PowerPoints I use in class, but they do make good outlines in themselves. Because this class relies heavily on discussion during the class period, it behooves you to be familiar with the readings and these PowerPoints, even if they are not the ones I will use.
To download any of the available lectures, just click on the appropriate icon. The left icon (.ppt) represents the Microsoft PowerPoint format, whereas the icon to the right (.rtf) represents the .rtf format, which is readable by the vast majority of word processors.
Lecture Title Lecture Date: Download: Size of .ppt:
I // 5: The Back Story August 24 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 247 KiB
II // 1: Modernization and Nationalism August 27 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 70 KiB
II // 3: Causes of Ethnic Violence August 29 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 74 KiB
II // 5: States and National Self-Determination August 31 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 85 KiB
III // 3: National Self-Determination: The Morality Argument September 5 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 91 KiB
III // 5: Rwanda: The 100 Days September 7 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 1.46 MiB
IIII // 1: Humanitarian Emergencies September 10 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 333 KiB
IIII // 3: Failed States and Rogue States September 12 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 2.19 MiB
IIII // 5: Ethnic Conflict Resolution by Third Parties September 14 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 94 KiB
V // 1: Ethnic Conflict Resolution by the United Nations September 17 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 197 KiB
V // 3: Ethnic Conflict Resolution by IGOs and NGOs September 19 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 84 KiB
VI // 1: Chechnya and Russia: A Conflict of the Ages September 24 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 1.84 MiB
VI // 3: Chechnya and Russia: A Conflict for the Ages September 28 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 288 KiB
VII // 1: Canada, Quebec, and the FLQ October 1 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 521 KiB
VII // 3: Switzerland and the Jura Separatist Movement October 3 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 1.74 MiB
VII // 5: The Tamil-Sinhalese Conflict in Sri Lanka October 5 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 413 KiB
VIII // 1: The Kurdish Conflict in the Republic of Turkey October 8 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 344 KiB
VIII // 3: Simmering Ethnic Conflicts: Ethiopia and Eritrea October 10 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 433 KiB
VIII // 5: Somalia and Nigeria: Being a Failed State October 12 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 2.03 MiB
X // 1: The Problem with Failed States October 22 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 199 KiB
X // 3: Sudan: The Crisis in Darfur October 24 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 157 KiB
X // 5: Operation Iraqi Freedom: The US Intervention in Iraq October 26 (Fri) .ppt .rtf 293 KiB
XI // 1: Moral Hazard and Third-Party Intervention in Kosovo October 29 (Mon) .ppt .rtf 76 KiB
XI // 3: US Foreign Policy and Ethnic Conflict October 31 (Wed) .ppt .rtf 80 KiB