Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Democracy

Important Political Science Links

This page lists several interesting and important hyperlinks and sources in political science. The links range from numerical datasets to an encyclopedia of philosophy to links to governmental and non-governmental agencies. As I do not control to content on these websites, I cannot be responsible for their content. As with all Internet sources, read them with a critical eye.

Datasets and Data Sources

Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK)de English
* Minorities at Riskus English
The Correlates of War Projectus English
* Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Science Researchus English
* J-Stor (Journal Storage)us English

* The Nationmaster Websiteau English
* The CIA World Factbookus English
The Country Reports Websiteus English
The Country Studies Websiteus English
* Country Indicators for Foreign Policyca English
* Constitutions, Treaties, and Declarationsuk English

Political Science Databases at Reinert-Alumni Libraryus English
* Lexis-Nexis Newsaper Searchus English
* Some Political Science datasetsus English

Philosophy and Political Philosophy

* Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophyus English

Government of the United States

Federal Government Sites

* The White Houseus English
* The US Senateus English
* The US House of Representativesus English
The US Supreme Courtus English
* The National Archivesus English
* Cabinet level departmentsus English
* The US Department and Agenciesus English
* The Fish and Wildlife Serviceus English
* The National Park Serviceus English
* The Environmental Protection Agencyus English

State Government Sites

* The Nebraska state government home pageus-ne English
* The Oregon state government home pageus-or English
* The Tennessee state government home pageus-tn English

Regional Government Sites

The Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Regional government home pageus English
The Denver Area Regional government home pageus-co English
The Cape Cod Regional government home pageus-ma English
* The Portland Metropolitan Regional government home pageus-pdx English

City Government Sites

* The Baltimore city government home pageus-bwi English
* The Washington, D.C. city government home pageus-dca English
* The Los Angeles city government home pageus-lax English
* The New Orleans city government home pageus-msy English
* The New York City government home pageus-nyc English
* The Omaha city government home pageus-oma English
* The Chicago city government home pageus-ord English
* The Portland, OR city government home pageus-pdx English
* The Phoenix city government home pageus-phx English
* The St. Louis city government home pageus-stl English
* The Knoxville city government home pageus-tys English

Inter-Governmental Organizations

* The United Nationsun English
* The International Court of Justiceun English
* The International Atomic Energy Agencyun English

The International Criminal Courticc English
* The International Monetary Fund English
* The World Bank Group English
* The World Trade Organization English

* The Association of Southeast Asian Nationsasean English
The African Unionaux English
* The European Unioneu English
The League of Arab Stateslas English
* NATOnato English
The Organization of American Statesoas English

Currently Defunct

* The South East Asian Treaty Organizationseato English
* The Central Treaty Organization English
* The Warsaw Pact English

Non-Governmental Organizations

* Amnesty Internationaluk English
Center for Voting and Democracyus English
Federation of American Scientistsus English
* Freedom Houseus English
* Greenpeace USAus English
Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistancese English
* International Crisis Groupbe English
* Médecins sans frontières (Doctors without Borders)ch English
National Endowment for Democracyus English
Reporters sans frontières (Reporters without Borders)fr English

* Economic Freedom of the Worldus English
Southern Poverty Law Centerus English
* The Economist Intelligence Unit’s index of democracyuk English
The League of Women Votersus English

* Media Transparencyus English
* Open Secretsus English

Online News Sources


Internet Public Library newspaper indexus English
* Kvasaheim Newspaper Libraryus English

Foreign Sources

Gulf News (UAE)ae English
Die Welt (Germany)de German (Deutsch)
* Die Zeit (Germany)de German (Deutsch)
The Middle East Times (Egypt)eg English
* El Mundoes Spanish (Español)
* Le Mondefr French (Français)
* Al Jazeera (in English)qa English
* London Timesuk English
* The British Broadcasting Company (BBC)uk English

US National Sources

* USA Todayus English
* New York Timesus English
* Washington Timesus English
* Washington Postus English

Local Sources

* The Los Angeles Timesus-ca English
* The San Francisco Chronicleus-ca English
* The Examinerus-md English
* Baltimore Sunus-md English
* The (Omaha) World-Heraldus-ne English
* The (Lincoln) Journal Starus-ne English
The Bellevue (Nebraska) Leaderus-ne English
The John Day (Oregon) Blue Mountain Eagleus-or English
The Coos Bay (Oregon) Worldus-or English
* The (Portland) Oregonianus-or English
The Providence Journalus-ri English
The Cookeville (Tennessee) Herald Citizenus-tn English
* The Knoxville (Tennessee) News-Sentinelus-tn English
The (Nashville) Tennesseanus-tn English

College Sources

The Creightonianus-ne English
* The Gateway (University of Nebraska at Omaha)us-ne English
* The Daily Nebraskanus-ne English
* The Beacon (University of Portland)us-or English
* The Daily Barometer (Oregon State University)us-or English
* The Daily Vanguard (Portland State University)us-or English
* The Daily Emerald (University of Oregon)us-or English
* The Daily Tech Times (Tennessee Technological University)us-tn English
* The Daily Beacon (University of Tennessee )us-tn English
* The Hustler (Vanderbilt University)us-tn English


* Planet Arkau English
* The Onionus English