Lecture Notes

Below are links to lecture notes and R scripts. These are not the actual notes and scripts used during class. These are cleaned up a bit, with annotations added to help you determine what is and is not overly important. Of course it is all important, but some is more important than others.
Note that the R scripts also include some extensions (and practice) to the R script used during the class periods. As such, you really should spend an evening poring over the scripts and running them. This allows you more practice of the materials discussed in the course.
Finally, recordings of the lectures are also provided here. You need to download the file (right-click, Save As...) to your computer and view it from there. Merely left-clicking on the recording link will bring up a page of garbage.

Lecture Topics, Notes, and Scripts

This calendar was last updated on December 6, 2011.
[pdf] [R] August 23 Forsberg: Ch 1, 2, B;
Kennedy: Ch 1, 22
Course introduction, the R statistical environment, showing your work, tests for measures of central tendency, boxplots, validating tests, Monte Carlo techniques
[pdf] [R] [RP] 30 Forsberg: Ch 3, A1, A4;
Kennedy: Ch 2
Analysis of Variance, tests for measures of central tendency, tests of Normality, non-parametric tests
Research Question due Sunday, Aug 28
[pdf] [R] [RP] September 6 Forsberg: Ch 4, A4;
Kennedy: Ch 3, 4
Classical Linear Model, Ordinary Least Squares, assumptions and testing of assumptions, multi-colinearity, homoskedasticity, using Monte Carlo to answer different questions, graphing results
[pdf] [R] [RP] 13 Forsberg: Ch 5;
Kennedy: Ch 12, 15
Transformations of dependent variables, using Monte Carlo to answer different questions, graphing results
[pdf] [R] [RP] 20 Kennedy: Ch 6 More with transformations and linear models, cross validation (?)
[R] [RP] 27 Kennedy: Ch 17 Mid-Semester Review and Lab I
[R] [RP] October 4 None Presentation of Pseudo Literature Reviews;
Hypotheses determined, Pseudo Literature Review finished, and data source(s) identified by Sunday, October 2.
[pdf] [R] [RP] 11 Forsberg: Ch 6, A4;
Kennedy: Ch 6
Generalized Linear Models, Gaussian distribution, Akaike and Bayesian information criterias
[R] [RP] 18 Forsberg: Ch 7, A1 Binary dependent variables, accuracy, receiver operating characteristic curves, LOOCV (?);
Data collected, Data described, and Statistical methods identified by Sunday, October 16.
[R] [RP] 25 None Binary dependent variables, continued;
Data Analysis due by Sunday, October 23.
[pdf] [R] [RP] November 1 Forsberg: Ch 8, A2 Count dependent variable, Poisson and Negative Binomial distributions, quasi-likelihood estimation
[pdf] [R] [RP] 8 Forsberg: Ch 9 Multinomial and ordinal response dependent variable
Rough Drafts I due
[pdf] [R] [RP] 15 Forsberg: Ch 10, A7 Presentations, Group I:
Greene, Russo
Rough Drafts II due;
Event History Analysis
[RP] 22 Kennedy: Ch 19, 20 Presentations, Group II:
Gulden, Hewett, Milan, Mwarumba, Standridge
[pdf] [R] [RP] 29 Kennedy: Ch 18 Time Series and Cross-Sectional Time Series analysis
[R] [RP] December 6 Kennedy: Ch 22 Final Semester Review and Lab III
13 Research Paper Final draft due 8:00 pm

Of course, I reserve the right to alter this schedule as reality dictates.