Data Files

Below is a list of available data files used in the course. I am placing them here so that you can download them and play with your statistical program using these data. When downloading the data, please right-click and select “Save Link as...” or “Save Target as...”. When saving, make sure you select File Type: All and add the ‘.csv’ suffix to the filename. Otherwise, the browser/computer may save it as a webpage, which is worthless to our needs here.

Data Files

Comma-Separated Variables files

Filename File location
[csv] coinflips.csv
[csv] rice.csv
[csv] USpeace.csv
[csv] ssm2.csv
[csv] gdpcap.csv
[csv] patrickHenry.csv
[csv] ssm.csv
[csv] studentHeight.csv
[csv] animal.csv
[csv] co2008pres2.csv
[csv] fakepoisson2.csv
[csv] sri2010.csv
[csv] positioningtubes.csv
[csv] ssm3.csv
[csv] gss2.csv
[csv] xsd2011referendum.csv
[csv] biome2.csv
[csv] ordwarm.csv
[csv] fuf.csv
[csv] coins2.csv
[csv] ncaa2009football.csv
[csv] crime.csv
[csv] murakami.csv
[csv] clf.csv
[csv] hairandeyecolor.csv
[csv] religion.csv
[csv] terrorism.csv
[csv] football1.csv
[csv] educ.csv
[csv] cdi2010pres2.csv
[csv] educ3.csv
[csv] fakepoisson.csv
[csv] ssm1.csv
[csv] gssocc.csv

SPSS-formatted files

Filename File location
[sav] test.sav

Stata-formatted files

Filename File location
[dta] test.dta