POL 470: International Law

Course Documents

A photograph of the International Vredespaleis (Peace Palace) in The Hague.
These first four documents need to be downloaded and read by each member of the class, as the fundamental guidelines for the course are provided therein. As of August 27, you are legally assumed to have read these documents.


The course syllabus lists the general requirements and expectations for the course. All specifics can be located on this website.

Style Sheet

The stylesheet explains how to format all papers for this class. All papers that you hand in for credit, except for in-class activities, must adhere to this stylesheet. Allow me to repeat that: All papers you hand in to me (except for the in-class activities) must adhere to the style sheet for the course.

APSA Citation and Reference List Style

This document provides explanations how to properly cite and reference your sources. The easiest way to fail this class is to fail to cite and reference your sources. The easiest way to lose points in this class is to fail to cite and reference properly.

Briefing a Case

This document explains how to properly brief a case for this course. Follow this closely. Also note that you are to do briefs single-spaced instead of double.

Cases to Brief

This is a listing of which court cases you are to brief. It also lists when each of the three briefs is due.


This is an overview of what the presentations should include. It also lists when the presentations are to be presented. This is in draft stage at the moment, as it does not yet list who is to present which side/topic.