POL 370: Contemporary Issues in International Relations


The Nobel House in Oslo.
What is happening in the world? What caused it? What can we do to solve the problems? This class strives to answer these three question, while strengthening your knowledge of world affairs and the theoretical underpinnings of International Relations.
By the end of the semester, you should be able to intelligently discuss the causes of many of the current world issues with anyone you meet in the street. Here, we make two assumptions: First, there is a possible solution to these problems. Second, we want a solution and are willing to sacrifice to achieve those solutions.
There is no required book for this course. All research you do for this course will be done using library and virtual information. One of the first skills you will learn is how to differentiate between good and poor quality sources. Not all sources are created equal. This is as true of books and periodicals as it is of online materials.

Recommended Book

The recommended book is:
  • American Political Science Association. 2001. Style Manual for Political Science. Washington, DC: American Political Science Association.
    (ISBN: 1-878-14733-1)
The Style Manual is completely optional. It appears as though the APSA is readying itself to publish an updated edition. As such, the bookstore has limited copies of the current edition. In lieu of having you purchase the entire style manual, I have distilled the necessary portions into a document called APSA References, accessible from this website. This document provides examples of reference lists so that you format them correctly. You must use APSA reference and sitation styles in the course.